Silent Sorrow
Hope and Help from God’s Word for Men
Who Struggle with Post Abortion Trauma



   A Men’s Bible Study for Individuals
or Small Groups



Debra S. Jones &
Leigh F. Koerbel, M.Div., Th.M.

* * * * * * *


Are you a man who is silently hurting
because of participation in an abortion decision?



Silent Sorrow.  That’s the problem.  Untold numbers of men silently struggle with post-abortion trauma.  They don’t understand why they hurt.  They don’t believe they should hurt.  They don’t know where to go for help.  Silent sorrow.  It can be resolved.

For every aborted child there is a father, a grandfather, an uncle, a friend.  Many, many men grieve the loss of an aborted child.  Until recently, though, men were largely ignored in the effort to help women who had aborted one or more of their unborn children.  Then a few hurting men began to seek help.  They turned to ministers, counselors, and even crisis pregnancy centers for help.  Now it is widely recognized that men also struggle with post-abortion trauma. 

Post-abortion men hurt for one or more of the following reasons:
       ¨ Assisted a friend, daughter, girlfriend, or wife
       obtaining an abortion (e.g., drove her to clinic, paid
       for abortion, etc.)

¨  Knew about the pregnancy and “pushed” for the abortion

¨ Knew about the pregnancy and consented unwillingly to the abortion

¨  Knew about the pregnancy and did nothing to stop the abortion

¨  Knew about the abortion beforehand, but willingly consented to it

¨  Knew about the abortion before it occurred and tried to stop it

¨  Did not know about the abortion beforehand, but found out later

¨  Married to or dating a woman with an abortion in her past


Do you struggle with anger, feelings of helplessness, shame, alcohol and/or drug abuse (to help you to forget), guilt, sleeplessness and nightmares, grief, fear of punishment from God, difficulty accepting God’s forgiveness, difficulty forgiving others, or confusion over the abortion issue itself?  Silent Sorrow can help you to know God’s forgiveness, comfort, love, and peace.  You can be set free from the deep hurts you are now experiencing.

Silent Sorrow can be studied individually in the privacy of your own home, one-on-one with a minister or counselor, or in a small group setting.  The choice is yours . . . so is the first step to resolving your post-abortion trauma.



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